Who is Dee Winters’s Beautiful Girlfriend? All About Hannah Sand

De’Monderick “Dee” Winters is an American football linebacker. His girlfriend’s name is Hannah Sand. The San Francisco 49ers drafted him in the 2023 NFL draft. He played college football at TCU from 2019-2023.

Dee Winters and his girlfriend Hannah Sand was born in 1998 in Bismarck, North Dakota. The pair live in Texas City and they study at the same university Texas Christian University. Now she is a System Engineer at Lockheed Martin and MBA student at SMU.

School and College: Hannah Sand is a brilliant student. She started schooling at TCU in 2016 and completed her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2019. After some working experience, she took admission at SMU in 2021 and her MBA course will be completed in 2024.

Dee Winter and Hannah Sand [image source: Facebook]

Hannah Sand‘sFamily

Hannah Sand (Age 25 Years) was born in 1998 in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her father’s name is Duane Send and her mother’s name is Holly Sand. She is the only daughter of her parents. She has an elder brother Allen Sand. Allen is an American naval officer as like his father.

According to our report, In her family there are a total of six members, they are her parents, grandparents, Allen, and Hannah. She grew up in her native land Bismarck, North Dakota with her family. Her parents engaged on 10th April 1994. She loves her parents very much.

From left Allan Sand, Holly San, Hannah Sand and Duane Sand; [ image source:facebook]

Mother (Holly Sand): Hanna’s mother is Holly Sand. She is a businesswoman and Self-employed. She runs a pizza and Gyro business science 2019 at 820 43rd Ave NE #124, Bismarck, ND 58503. She Takes orders online as well as offline and delivers the product. Her online shop name is New York to go. She lives in Bismarck, North Dakota with her family.

Holly Sand is a responsible and lovely mom. She loves her daughter’s parents and husband too much. She completed her high school at Bradford Area Senior High School. She graduated from St. Charles North High School and she takes an MBA degree from Business at Northern Illinois University.

Father( Duane Sand): Hannah Sand’s father’s name is Daune Sand. He is a former USA Naval officer and a politician. He is a businessman. e runs a family business Sand Group.

He was born on 9th May in America. Completed high school at Lancaster High School and graduated from the United States Naval Academy. He lives in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Hannah Sand‘s Career

High-performing system engineer in the Aerospace industry. In 2021 she started studying MBA at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School Of Business. MBA candidate graduating in May 2024 with interests in project management and leadership opportunities.

According to her LinkedIn profile, She is excellent in Skilled in Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, and Data Analysis. She first started her job at Jacobs as an Electrical Engineering Intern from Apr 2018 – Aug 2018.

From May 2019 – to Aug 2019 she worked at Boeing as an Electrical Engineering Intern and finally, she joined a full-time job at Lockheed Martin ยท Full-time from Jun 2020 – Present.

She is Knowledgeable in systems engineering, electronics-focused electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, reliability, marketing, and finance.

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