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Veronica ZANON (Age 21 Years [L’età di Veronica ZANON è di 21 anni]) is an Italian jumper. she is mainly known for the triple jump and long jump. she made several indoor and outdoor national medals but did not get any international medals till now. She made some remarkable international positions in European Championship. All are mentioned below.

According to our report, Veronica meets three international championships i.e European U18 Championships 2018, European Athletics U23 Championships 2019, and European U20 Championships, Győr -2021.

Veronica Zenon age, height
Veronica Zenon


  • 2x National Champion In the long jump.
  • 4x National champion In the triple jump.

Early life and information

Name:Veronica ZANON;
Date Of Birth:16 JAN 2001,Castelnuovo di Porto,Italy;
Age:21 years;
Home Town:Castelnuovo di Porto, Rome;
Sports:Track & field;
Events:Relays, Long Jump, Triple jump etc.;
World Athlete Code:14765877;
High School:ITCG Girardi;
University:Università degli Studi di Padova;
Club:Fiamme Oro Atletica;
Coach:Ormi Team;
5 feet 7 inches,
Weight:57kg approx;
Veronica ZANON wiki, age, height

Major Position and medal

08 JUN 2019Long JumpItalian U20 Championship, Rieti26.09
02 FEB 2019Long JumpItalian U20 Indoor. Ch, Ancona16.16
09 JUN 2019Triple JumpItalian U20 Championship, Rieti213.09
19 SEP 2020Long JumpItalian U20 Championship, Stadio Zecchini, Grosseto26.29
20 SEP 2020Triple JumpItalian U20 Championship, Stadio Zecchini, Grosseto113.84
09 FEB 2020Triple JumpItalian U20 Ind. Championship, Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona113.65
06 FEB 2021Long JumpItalian U23 Indoor. Championship, Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona16.37
11 JUN 2021Triple JumpItalian U23 Championship, Stadio Zecchini, Grosseto212.77
11 SEP 2021Triple JumpItalian U23 Team Championship,
Campo Sportivo Putti, Bergamo – Invitational Events
05 FEB 2022Long JumpItalian U23 Indoor. Championship, Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona36.24
11 JUN 2022Triple JumpItalian U23 Championship, Stadio Luigi Ridolfi, Firenze113.12
06 FEB 2022Triple JumpItalian U23 Indoor. Championship, Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona113.40
Veronica ZANON Medal list

Veronica ZANON Family || Father, Mother, Brother, Sister.

According to our report, Veronica ZANON’s family lives in Italy. we can’t get anything about her parent’s business. Her parents always supported her to be an athlete. we watch them in the gallery to support her. A picture is given below…

Apart from her parents, she has two siblings a sister and an elder brother. Her brother’s name is Jacopo. he is a doctor.

Veronica Zenon family picture
Veronica Zenon family picture

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