Usman Khawaja’s wife’s biography, family, photo

Rachel McLellan is an Australian woman who is the wife of famous Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja. In this article, we are reading about this beautiful lady Rachel McLellan’s love story, family photo, family tree, daughter’s career, and about her personal life, age, family, and many more.

Richle Khawaja is wife of austrlian Crickter Usman Khawaja.He is a very active and valuable player in any format but especially in test matches. Before her marriage to Usman Khawaja, her full name is Reichle Mlellan, but after marriage, she changes her surname from Mclellan to Khawa. So, her new name becomes Richly Khawaja.

Rachel McLellan was born in 1999 in Sydney, Australia. She belongs to a catholic family but before she married Usman Khawaja she followed Islam. Now they have two beautiful angles.

Rachel Mclellan had never met an individual from Islamic culture before meeting with Usman Khawaja. She also had views about Islam that it’s very streek and very closed when it comes to women. She was very ignorant about the Islamic religion at first. But after relation with Usman Khawaja, she interact more with Islamic culture and she got to know and understand Islam better.

But when she started to know him more she understood that she has misunderstood Islam due to negative news about it. And Usman Khawaja was a very open and loving person.

Usman Khawaja and his wife Lovestory:

They both fail in love and they got engaged on 14Dec 2016. They Then Dated each other for two years. Finally, they got married on 6 April 2018.

Daughters of Usman Khawaja and Richle Khawaja

Currently, they have two cute angles, the elder one Aisha Rhail Khawaja. She was born on 21 July 2020. On 24 July 2020 announce by Richle Khawaja also mention that baby was born on the 21st of July at 12:51 am weighing 3.27kg.

And the second one namely Ayal Fozia Mishel Khawaja was born on 28 April 2022. Since, then have been enjoying every moment together,

Education Qualification of Richle Khawaja

Richelle Khawaja completed her Education in her home town Sydney, she completed graduation and take a degree. after that, she worked for an event management company in Sydney. But now she not working for any company.

FamilyTree Of Richle Khawaja and Usman Khawaja

Usman khawaja's and rachle khawaja's family tree.
Usman and Rachel Khawaja’s family tree
HusbandUsman Khawaja
Father in LowTariq Khawaja
Mother in lowFozia Khawaja
Children:2 Daughters
family of Usman Khawaja

The age difference between Usman Khawaja and his wife

Usman Khawaja DOB1986-12-18) 18 December 1986 (age 35) Islamabad
Rachel Khawaja DOB1999
Age difference14 years approx.


Richele Khawaja is not famous on the internet before her marriage to Usman Khawaja after marriage she becomes famous. so many fans wanted to know about Usman Khawaja’s wife.

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