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Natalia GROSSMAN is definitely one of the BEST, having every qualification as a champion. Don’t be bothered by those ignorant bastards. They know nothing about the spirit of climbing. They are just envying your achievements. And they are actually just a tiny group.

Continue your great journey, and I’d love to see you on every wall. and most important, yes, enjoy yourself there!

Natalia is becoming one of the best climbers out there, and she seems to be having a lot of fun. However, I’m still pretty worried about her weight loss over the last couple of years. Being that skinny for a 20-year-old athlete is definitely not healthy.

She’s a well-rounded athlete. Another beautiful game Rock Climbing! These athletes are really young, beautiful, and talented.

Who is Natalia GROSSMAN? Age, Height, Weight.

Natalia GROSSMAN is a beautiful woman Rock Climber. She was born June 22, 2001, in Santa Cruz, California, United States. now, her age is only 21 years.

Natalia is an American women’s athlete, She participated in all three (Boulder, Lead, Speed) Rock climbing games. She makes history in Boulder Game. She becomes the 2021 world champion.

Her parents always support her as well as encourage her. In 2015 when Natali was 14 years old her family moved from California to Boulder, Colorado because of difficulties in her training. In bolder, Colorado she joins ABC Coaching center under coach Robyn Erbesfield.

NameNatalia GROSSMAN
Date Of BirthShe was born on June 22, 2001,
Ageage is 21 years
Birth Place:Santa Cruz, California, United States
Present Resident
(since 2015)
Boulder, Colorado
Sports: Rock Climbing
Main Event:BOULDER, Lead, Speed
Education:Graduation (Student)
Admitted in 2021
University:University of Colorado Boulder
Subject psychology and business
Coach(s)Josh Larson [US national coach]
Robyn Erbesfield [Team ABC coach]
Favorite Place Rocky Mountain National Park
Father nameUnknown
Mother nameUnknown
1.62 m
(5 ft 4 in)
Weight48 (kg) approx
Facebook LinkFacebook
Instagram LinkInstagram
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Natalia Grossman Olympic Game:

Natalia Grossman

She hasn’t played in the Olympics yet. She said in an interview when asked about the next Olympics in Paris 2024. “I feel like the Olympics just happened. But that’s also exciting because it’s so soon and I am excited to try and make it. Exciting is what comes to mind.

Age Of Natalia Grossman

She was born June 22, 2001, in Santa Cruz, California, United States. now, her age is only 21 years.

Husband and Partner

Natalia GROSSMAN is a beautiful and talented woman athletic over the world. She likes to spend time with friends as well as focus on her game.

We do not have much idea about her dating and husband. she is very friendly manner. she always enjoys moments with her friends. you can see in her Instagram and Facebook profile.

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Natalia Grossman Career 2015-2022:

2022: This is the golden year for Natalia She achieved five gold and two silver medals.

2021: In 2021, Grossman had perhaps the most worthwhile season in American climbing history. Having never progressed to a World Cup to complete on the platform in every one of the four Bouldering World Cups, with two golds, one silver, and a bronze.

2020: No Match – COVID-19

2019: In this year she meets total of 11th “IFSC YOUTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS” where two times she achieved 2nd position.

2018: This year also the same thing repeated. she participated in only four “IFSC YOUTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS” but the result comes out not mindblowing. The result was respectively 11th, 19th, 39th, and 33rd.

2017: This is the year she first meets with the senior. She plays only seven-game but the result is not good.

2015: Natalia Grossman’s Career beginning from this year, when she was only 14th years old. she participated in only one game “IFSC WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS – ARCO (ITA) – 2015” where she completed in 4th place.


201927th 78th

Interview with Natalia Grossman.

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