Mykolas Alekna Lithuania’s Discus Thrower | Profile and Biography

Mykolas Alekna is a Lithuania’s track and fiels athelatic. He specializes in disk throw. he is a world silver medalist and European champion in disk throws. Now he moves to USA for better career development and higher study. Alekna trains and studies at the University of Berkeley in California where he intends to major in business administration and also plays for California Golden Bears.

Mkolas was born on 28 September 2002 in Lithuania, he is now 20 years old. he has attractive body measurements, his height is 1.94 m (6 ft 4+1⁄2 in) and his weight is 118kg (260 lbs). he was debut on 24 APR 2018 in U18 events, where he threw 50.54m and won first place. His personal best disk throw is 69.81m. Now his world rank is 2nd in the discus throw events.

His father’s name is Virgilijus Alekna he is a former world champion and two times Olympic gold medalist. Mykoles followed his father’s path, in an interview he said -“I started to do sports because of him. I always saw him competing when I was young. It was inspiring so I started to do sports because I wanted to be like my dad. At the time, it didn’t matter if I was a soccer player or in the discus. I just wanted to be a successful athlete.”


  • 1x Silver medalist in world championship-2022
  • 1x European champion – 2022.
  • 1x National Champion- 2022.
  • 1x World U20 champion- 2021
  • 1x U20 European Champion – 2021

Mykolas Alekna’s Wiki Biography

Name:Mykolas Alekna;
Date Of Birth:28 September 2002
Age:20 years;
Father:Virgilijus Alekna
Mother:Mrs. Alekna;
Siblings:1 Brother(Martynas Alekna),
1 Sister;
Coach:Mohammed Saatara;
High School:Unknown;
University:University of Berkeley in California;
Height:1.94 m (6 ft 4+1⁄2 in)
Weight:118kg (260 lbs)- Approx;
Personal Best:Discus Throw- 69.81m
Discus Throw(1.750kg)- 69.81m
Discus Throw1.500kg)- 69.81m


2023: Comming Soon………….

2022: In 2022, he win a couple of international medals, one being the world championship silver medal. On 19 JUL 2022, at World Athletics Championships, Oregon 2022, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR final round he threw disk of 69.27m and win a silver medal. before that, he just completed his freshman year. Kristjan Ceh threw 71.13m and he win the Gold medal. Myoles become the youngest medal winner in the world championship. Another one is European championship gold medalist. On 19 Aug 2022 at European Athletics Championships, Olympiastadion, München threw 69.78m and establish a new record.

2021: Now he is 18 years old. he wins all-major U20 discus throw medal. In 2021 he becomes U20 European champion, U20 world champion, and National champion. In last 2021 he move to America for higher education and better training. He takes admitted to the University of Berkeley in California.

2020: In this year not organized any big computation for COVID-19. He meets some regional competitions and one international coaptation i.e Bultic U20 championship, Parnu, EST. in 2020 his performance lies between 53-62m.

2019: He introduces himself in two different discus throw events, one is 1.500kg and another is 1.750kg. He won several regional computations. On 26-27 July 2019, he meets the 15 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival, Baku. In the qualification round, He threw 56.75m. He completed in 3rd place. But in the final round, he failed to win any medal, he threw 54.13m and completed the game in 9th place.

2018: In 2018 16 years old Mykolas Alekna debuted in world athletics. In his first year, he meets some U18 regional events. His personal best result was 51.31m.

2019European Youth Summer Olympic Festival Baku, Azerbaijan9thDiscus throw (1.500kg)54.13m
2021European U20 Championships Tallinn, Estonia1stDiscus throw (1.750kg)68.00m
2021World U20 Championships Nairobi, Kenya1stDiscus throw (1.750kg)69.81m
2021National Champion1stDiscus throw 63.52
2022World Championships Eugene, OR, United States2ndDiscus throw69.27
2022European Championships Munich, Germany1stDiscus throw69.78
Mykolas Alekna’s Medal Chart


Father: Virgilijus won his first major title at the age of 28, but his son Mykoles grabs major titles early and he become the youngest-ever discus thrower at the age of 19.

Mykolas Alekna parents

Mother: we can’t find out much about her mother. A picture is mentioned above.

Brother: He has a brother. His brother Martynas Alekna is also a discus thrower.

Mykolas Alekna siblings

Sister: He has a beautiful younger sister. She is the youngest member of her family.

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