Joey Bosa’s Beautiful Girlfriends Alanah Lorusso, brothers, mom, dad, net worth.

Joey Bosa’s family is very much a sports culture, his father, brother, and cousins are also sportsmen, and they play in NFL. Currently, he has not had a wife, still unmarred. he had beautiful girlfriends. they dated for a long time.

Joey Bosa has played for Los Angles Challengers in NFA since 2017. He signed a contract with Los Angles Challengers for five years ($135 million) in 2020. Bosa is the highest-paid defensive end player in NFL

In this article, we briefly discuss bosa’s Family, parents, brothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends. Endways we discuss some questions and answers.

About Joey Bosa


Joey Bosa NFL Player

Joey Bosa Age

Joey Bosa is very prominent in NFL. His full name is Joseph Anthony Bosa and his nickname is Big Bear, he was born on 11th July 1994 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. and he is now approx 28 years old.

Full NameJoseph Anthony Bosa
Nick NameBig Bear
date of birth11 July 1995 (28 years old)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
School NameSt.Thomas High School.
UniversityOhio State University.
ProfessionAmerican Football Player
Parents John Bosa (Father)
Cheryl Bosa (mother)
BrotherNick Bosa
Playing Positiondefensive end
Net Worth$80 Million
Yearly Income$27 Million
Joey Bosa wiki information

Joey Bosa’s Girlfriend

Joye bosa is unmarred .so, he does not have any wive right now.

Joey Bosa’s Girlfriends Alanah Lorusso

Alanah Lorusso

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media relationship status say ‘single’. but it does not mean that he didn’t have any relationship. Now joey bosa is 28 years old and does not date anyone. Joye Bosa had only one girlfriend, Alanah Lorusso, in the year 2014 when he was 19 years old. A few years later, this couple broke up their relationship.

His girlfriend’s name was Alanah Lorusso, a new business developer at Vizsense, from Denver, Colorado, US. She completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida.

Adrina Lima

Adrina Is a popular Brazilian Model and Actress, Now she lives in the USA. Some medium says she had a relationship with Joey Bosa, But personally, they do not accept their relationship.

Lima Dated American singer Lenny Kravitz (2001 to 2003).In 2009, She Married Marko Jaric, who was an NBA player. After five year relationship, they decided to separate in 2014, and their divorce work out in the year 2016. They Have Two daughters. From 2021, She involves in a live-in relationship with her producer Andre Lemmers, They have a son.

Joey Bosa’s family

Joye bosa’s family is much a sports culture mainly American Football. his family is one of the best well-known families in the US. Joey, his Father, and his Brother all play NFL in the defensive end position. His cousin Jake Kumerow is also an NFL player. Bosa’s grandfather Palmer Pyle, uncle Eric Kumerow, and grand-uncle Mike Pyle all played in the NFL as well,

In Bosa’s Family Tree, there are four members-

  1. John Bosa (Father)
  2. Cheryl Bosa (Mother)
  3. Joye Bosa
  4. Nick Bosa (younger brother)

John Bosa (Father)

Joey Bosa’s father John Bosa

John Bosa, the father of Joye bosa. He was a professional American football player. He plays NFL only three seasons (1987-1989) for Maimi Dolphine. he was a defensive player.

Joey Bosa’s Mother: Cheryl Bosa

Joey bosa’s mother Cheryl Bosa

His Mother’s name is Cheryl Bosa, who is a real estate advisor and head of the sports and entertainment business.

Joye Bosa’s Brother and Sister (Siblings)

First of all, he doesn’t have any sisters. He has only one brother Nick Bosa, who was born on 27 Oct 1997. He is nearly two years younger than Joye. also, he is a professional American football player. Nick plays for San Francisco 49eras in the NFL. His playing position is defensive end. Nick bosa’s height is 6 feet 4 inches, an inch shorter than his elder brother and his weight is 122kg approx. they both attend the same school St.Thomas high school and Play for the same state Ohio.

Bosa Brothers in a single frame

What joey bosa jersey no?

Joey Bosa currently plays for Los Angeles Chargers. Joey Bosa Jerseys no are 97. And when he plays for Ohio State then also wears the same jersey number.

Who are Joey Bosa’s Girlfriends

Joey Bosa’s girlfriend’s name is Alanah Lorusso. She is now Ex and presently bosa not in any relationship.

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