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Joel Hans Embiid s a famous NFL player. He comes from a middle-class Cameroonian family. His father was a military and his mother was a housewife. Right now his parents run a foundation in his native for serving poverty and poor families.

His uncle is a former basketball player. He encourages him to be a basketball player. At an early his parents want Juel will be a doctor or a soccer player, He will play in the European league.

At the age of 14 in 2010 he move to USA only for career. He take admission in high school as well as keep full practice in basketball.

He was selected with the third overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers. That selection made him the third Cameroonian-born NBA player after Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje and Luc Mbah a Moute, it made him highest selected player from Cameroon

Joel Embiid is a 28 years old Cameroonian professional basketball player. He plays in NBA for Philadelphia 76ers science 2014 when he was a college student. Also, he holds French and American nationality.

His basketball career debuted in 2014. He becomes 5 times NBA All-Star, 4 times All NBA second team, 3 ties NBA all-defensive team, and NBA scoring champion.

Joel Embiid Family Tree

Juel Embiid's Family Tree
Family Tree

Thomas Embiid (Father)

Thomas Embiid Jole Embiid's father

Joel’s father Thomas Embiid is a military person in morocco. He is a respectful person in his country. Joel’s achievements make him proud and make him popular in the world.

Thomas lives in morocco with his family. In his family, there have five members two sons and a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, his younger son died in 2014 in a road accident.

Tomas Embiid is a very supportive man. He always encouraged Juil to build his career. At an early, his parents wanted to be soccer players. His parents wanted him to be a football player, They wishes that Jewel will be playing in the English Premier League.

Joel is also, not interested in basketball at an early. When he was 14, in 9th standard in his school, he think to move his career and trying to be a basketball player.

At the age of 16 in 2010 he move to America and there take admitted to high school. He plays outstanding in his Rock School and he leads their team ad makes his team state championship.

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Christian Embiid (Mother)

Popular National Basketball Association (NBA) player Joel embiid’s mother name Christian Embiid. She was born n YaoundĂ©, Cameroon. She is the only wife of Cameroonian military man Thoas Embiid and mother of three children.

By profession, Christian is a housewife and the main pillar of her family. She is a Careful and responsible lady. Joel’s father Tomas maximum time living outside the house due to his job, and his mother handles the whole family.

Arthur Embiid (Brother- 2001 to 2014)

Arthur Embiid Jole's Brother.
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NBA All-star Player Joel Embiid had a young brother. His name was Arthur Embiid. He was seven years younger than Joel, born in 2001. He was the youngest boy in his family and favorite of his parents.

Jewel’s relationship with Aadhaar was like a friend, He played video games with his brother whenever he had time. They stayed together for 10 years when Arthur was ten, Jewel moved to the USA.

Four years after Jewel left Cameroon He was seriously injured on his way home from school and later he died in a hospital in Cameroon. At that time Jewel was in America. He got a phone call and Everything ware about the incident.

Muriel Embiid (Sister)

Muriel Embiid Jole Embiid Sister

Joel Embiid Has a younger sister. Her name is Muriel Embiid. she was born in Cameroon in 2004. she is now 19 years old. She is now studying at a recognized university. She lives in Cameroon with her parents Thomas and Christian Embiid.
Murali is very shy. He does not like to be in the limelight- says her mother Christin. Her relationship with Joel is wonderful like a friend. When Jewel has free time, she plays video games with her sister.

Anna De Paul (Girlfriend)

Anna De Paul is a Brazilian model and long-time girlfriend of NBA player Joel Embiid. She was born on 21 March 1995, in brazil. She is a year younger than her boyfriend.

Anna De Paul and Jole Embiid

She is a beautiful woman, at early she was known for her swimsuit shoots. In 2017, She won Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Model Search Contest, Here is her full Illustrated Profile. which brought her into the limelight.

De Paul and Embiid first meet at a common friend’s dinner party, At the party, Paul was impressed for Jule’s height, He was the tallest person (7 feet 0 inches) there). They exchange phone numbers there and dates with each other.

Arthur Emmbiid( Son )

Arthur Embiid is the child of popular NBA player Joel Embiid and Bbrizilan Model Anna De Paul. He Was born on 17th Sep 2020. He is now 3 years old baby boy.

In 2014 Arthur Emdiid’s brother passed away. He loves his brother too much, He named his son ‘Arthur’ after her brother. It is proof of his immense love for his brother.

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