Jahmyr Gibbs Family: Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sisters- Know

Detroit Lions rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs was born on 20 March 2002 (age 21 years), in Dalton, Georgia, United States. He completed the majoring in literature, media and communications and played college football at Georgia Tech with one year in Alabama. He was a Member of the ACC Academic Honor Roll.

According to our report, As per blood relations in his family, there are four members mother, a grandmother, and a sister. We don’t have any news about his biological father.

Jahmyr Gibbs has two mothers. One is a biological mother and the other is a stepmother. We did not know much about his biological mother. Some reports indicate her name is Aisha Willims and raised by his grandmother. we share a family picture with his birth mother grandmother and sisters.

Jahmyr Gibbs’s father’s name is Greg Rose and Dusty Rose is his mother. They are not biological parents. Jahmyr Gibbs was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Rose due to his difficult family situation.

Mr. and Mrs. Rose have four children including Jahmyr Gibbs. they are John Rose, Maxx Rose, and Ahmeed Tanner. Mr. and Mrs. Rose love Gibbs very much, like his own son. Wherever Gibbs goes, his parents are his shadow companions. Every birthday and achievement they celebrated with joy and happiness. He lives happily with his three brothers and parents. In 2023 Jahmyr Gibbs celebrated Father’s Day with Greg Rose And celebrated Mother’s Day with Dusty Rose.

According to some media reports, gibbs’s biological mother’s name is Aisha Willims. He has one sister and three half-brothers. At an early, he was raised by a single mother. His grandmother took responsibility for raising him.

This is the article, we briefly discuss Jahmyr Gibbs’s parents, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, family and more.

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Jahmyr Gibbs’s Parents

Jahmyr Gibbs has two parents one is biological and another is adopted. His biological mother’s name is Aisha Willims. we don’t have an idea about his biological father.

Jahmyr Gibbs is a football player and the son of Greg Rose (Dad) and Dusty Rose(Mom). They are not biological parents. they adopted him and took responsibility for building a bright career. And finally, they do it properly.

Such an amazing couple they are, they look fabulous together. the study in the same college at The University of Alabama, love and relationships began there. finally, they got married on 26th June 2000. The couple have two children together and another two are adopted.

According to our resort, Dusty and Grag runs a Real Estate business. they give a luxurious lifestyle to their child. They take care of all properly.

John Rose (Brother)

John Rose is the half-brother of Jahmyr Gibbs. He is the elder son of Grace and Dusty Rose together. He was born on 21 May 2001 in is now 22 years old. He is a college student at Austin Peay State University. He grew up with three siblings.

Dusty Rose shared a post on Instagram on 21 May 2022—“HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY JR!!!!! Of course you are 21 on the 21st that’s a John Ross move if I’ve ever seen one!!! You have been the life of the party , the funniest in the room for 21 years now!!!! And behind all the jokes and homeless dress attire is one of the smartest guys I know who would give the shirt off his back to a stranger ( now no one wants your shirt because it’s probably not been washed in weeks BUT you would offer it ) We love you sweet boy!!!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!!!

Maxx Rose (Brother)

Jahmyr Gibbs’s youngest brother’s name is Maxx Rose. He was born on 26th November 2005 in Georgia, America. He is his half-brother. He is the son of Dusty Rose and Grag Rose. He is a college student at The University of Alabama.

He has a beautiful sweetheart. her name is Josie Kyer. Now, She is The last Sweetheart of this family. She is a college student at Georgia Southern University and completed her high school at Northwest Whitfield High School.

On his Instagram 9 posts were uploaded and he gained nearly 8 hundred followers.

Ahmaad Tanner (Brother)

Ahmaad Jarrel Tanner is a college football player at Austin Peay State University. He is the other adopted child of Dusty Rse and Greg Rose. So, Ahmaad Tanner is not a blood relation brother. He is the half-brother of Jahmyr Gibbs.

 Ahmaad Tanner is the son of Kimberly Tanner and Jamaal Brummitt. His birthday is Jan. 14… He has four blood relation siblings Jabari, Ja’onna, Mayah, and Jemel, and three helf-brothers Jahmye, Maxx, and John. A marketing major… Pursuing a master’s degree in strategic leadership at Austin Peay.


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Ahmeed Tanner Austin Peay football player


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