J.D. Vance’s Biography and Family

J.D. Vance is an Ohio state’s U.S. Senate. He was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio on 2nd August 1984 (J.D. Vance’s born name was James Donald Bowman). He is the Son of Donald Bowman and Bev Vance. his mother and father divorced when Vance was a kid.

After separated from his parents, his mother married to her third husband. For some time,  he was adopted by his mother’s third husband.

He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2022 and sworn into office on January 3rd, 2023. He is a member of the Republican Party.

The real story behind J.D.’s surname

At the time of born, J.D. Vance’s name was James Donald Bowman of his father’s surname Was ‘Bowman’. But when his parents divorced and adopted his mother’s third husband, Mr. Hamel, his name was changed and become James Hamel, his stepfather’s surname. But after some time, he and his sister were raised primarily by his grandparents and took his grand surname Vance,

Name:James David Vance (J.D. Vance)
Date Of Birth: August 2, 1984
Birth Place:Middletown, Ohio, America
Service:Memver of U.S. Senate from Ohio State.
Spous:Usha Chilukuri (m-2014)
High School:Middletown High School, 2003
Bachelors: The Ohio State University, 2009
Low ( Juris Doctor):Yale University Law School, 2013
Service:United States Marine Corps
Year Of Service:2003-2007
Unit:2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
War:Iraq War

Usha Chilukuri -J.D Vane’s Wife

Vance is married to Usha Chilukuri Vance, a practicing attorney. The couple has been married since 2014, They both dated before marriage. According to Chilukuri’s Facebook page. The couple has three children — two boys and a girl.

J.D’s told that ” His wife Usha Chilukuri help him to build his career bright”

3rd Child “Mirabel Rose Vance

Mirabel Rose Vance is the only daughter of J. D. Vance. She was born in December 2021. She is youngest member of her family. J.D. post a tweet on the 21st from which we know about their daughter.

“We were blessed with an early Christmas present this year. Everyone, please meet Mirabel Rose Vance, our first girl. Mama and baby both doing great, and we’re feeling very grateful this Christmas season”

Beverly Vance-J.D.’s Mom

Beverly Vance is the mom of an Ohio state senator J.D Vance and the daughter of Bonnie Blanton (Mamaw) and James Lee Vance (Papaw). She was born on January 20, 1961, in Middletown, Ohio, USA. J.D.’s grandparents move to Middletown, Ohio from moved there from a picturesque mountain town in Northern Kentucky, they were leaving behind coal country in the 1980s.

Beverly Vance became a mother at a very young age. She gave birth to her first daughter ‘Lindsay Ratliff‘ at the age of 19.

Lindsay Ratliff— J.D. Vance’s Sister

Lindsay Ratliff is Bev Vance’s firstborn and J.D’s half-sister. But he considers her a full sister due to the situation. They grew up together with their mom ‘Bev Vance’. She is a single mom.

Lindsay was born in 1980 in Middletown, Ohio. She grew up with his mom and little half-brother J.D Vance in Middletown, Ohio. She completed her schooling from home and she keeps a low degree.

Lindsay Ratliff  And J.D. Vance [Image Credit: J.D Vanve/facebook]

J.D Vance’s many family members from boot camp. [image credit: Hillbilly Elegy/Facebook]


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