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Hana Moll (Age 17 Years): One of the best American track and field athletes Hana Moll who mainly known for the pole vault. she made history in the American pole vault. she and her twins Amanda Moll makes a revolution in the American pole vault era.

Hana Moll is a gold medal winner in the world junior championship. She is the feature of the American pole vault. Really she has a unique competitive ability, Strength, and consistency.

Hana Moll and her twins Amanda Moll attend Capital High School, in Olympia, Washington. They set national high school records Amanda give 4.51m and Hana give 4.47m pole vault.

World Ranking: According to world Athletes her present world rank In women’s pole vault is 60 and her best world rank in women’s pole vault was 60. And now her overall rank is 2216.

Personal Best: Her personal best (P.B) pole vaulting in indoors is 4.47m and when outdoor then 4.45m.

Hana Moll
Hana Moll

Hana Moll‘s Medals & Achievements:

  • 1x World Junior Women Pole Vault Champion (2022- U20)
  • 1x National Junior Champion (2019- U15 )
  • 1x National silver medal holder (2022- U20)

Who is Hana Moll? DOB, Age, Nationality

Hana mall is a beautiful American Pole Vaulter. She was born on 31 JAN 2005 in Tacoma, Washington, USA. now she is 17 years. At an early, she was a good sportsperson in multiple events.

Apart from pole vault, she is a very skillful gymnast, rock climber, mountain bike racer, and volleyball player.

Hana mall and her twins Amanda Molls in American nationality holders, they represent America. her ethnicity is European American.

In the 2022, World Athletics U20 Championships Cali, Hana Moll strikes world U20 pole vault gold with 4.35m whereas Chiara sistermann achieved 2nd place with 4.30m and Janne Sophie Ohrt won the Bronze medal. watch the video below

World Athletic U20 Championship 2022, pole vault.

Hana Moll Wikipedia, Biography, Athlete

Name:Hana MOLL
Date Of Birth:31 JAN 2005
Age:17 Years.
Birth Place:Tacoma, Washington
Home Town: Washington
Ethnicity:European American
Sports:Trak & Field.
Disclaimer:Pole Vaulter, gymnasts, rock climbers,
mountain bike racers, and volleyball players
World Athlete Code:14912947
Club:Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
NM Pole Vault Training Center
Coach:Mike Strong, Tim Reilly
High School: Capital High School in Olympia, Washington.
Hana Moll Wikipedia, Biography, Athlete

Hana Moll Height, Weight, Physical Measurements

world junior gold medalist Hana Moll is a very beautiful girl, she is very young and good-looking, tall and wealthy. According to the report, she is 5 feet 9 inches tall and her body weight is 72 kg(approx). Her hair is silky brown color and her eye color is brown. When she wears Nike sports dresses she looks crazy.

Height:5′ 9″ (5 feet 9 inches)
175 cm
Weight:72kg (Approx)
159 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair Color Brown
Hana Moll Height, Weight

Hana Moll’s Mom, Dad, Family, Boyfriend

Father: Hana Moll belongs to a rich businessman family. Her father’s name is Erik Moll who runs a business in Washington. Her father is very simple and friendly manner. he always behaves like a friend and tries to fulfill his daughter’s dreams.

Hana Moll's Father Eric Moll

Mother: Hana Moll’s Mother’s name is Paula Moll. She is a Gymnast trainer. At her school, she was performs in gymnastics. So her mother led them to be gymnasts from an early age, and also pushed them to be adept cycling, running, climbing, and lastly voting.

Hana Moll's Mother Paula Moll

From an early age, Hana Moll and her twins Amanda Moll were very energetic, they grew up together, Rivals since childhood, but they have always supported each other. The love between these twins is very deep.“- her mom says.

Hana Moll's Sister Amanda Moll
Father:Eric Moll
Mother:Paula Moll
Brother:No Brother
Sister:Amanda Moll
Relationship status:Single
Hana Moll’s Mom, Dad, Family, Boyfriend, and Relationship

Hanna Moll Career 2019-2022:

Hana Moll Moll is now only 17 years old and she is now studying in high school at Capital High School in Olympia, Washington. she and her sister made the National High School record.

Hana Moll’s actual pole vault career began in 2019 when she was 15 years old. On 24 JUL 2019, She participated in USATF Junior Olympic Championship, Sacramento, CA – U15 Events where she won first place with a 3.55m pole vault.

In 2022, Her golden era began she become the national Junior (USATF) silver medal holder on 25 JUN 2022, two-month later in 04 AUG 2022, she won the Gold medal at World Junior Championships, in Pascual Guerrero Stadium, Cali, Colombia. Where twins Amanda Moll completed with 5th position.


Improvements [indoor, outdoor] 2019-2022

Outdoor Final Result 2019-2022

Indoor Final Results 2019-2022


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