Getachew Werkuha (Ethiopian Athlete) wiki biography age and more

Getachew Werkuha (Age is 27 Years) is an Ethiopian middle and long-distance runner. She is mostly known for her outstanding running quality and technique in middle-distance races. She grabs several national and international awards and makes records. Her athletic career debuted just two years ago in 2020 and now Werkuha is the world’s 4th fastest woman.

Werkuha was born on 07 DEC 1995 in  Gelemso, Hararghe. It’s a small town in Ethiopia. She is now 27 years old. her early life spends there with her family. Werkuha, who nationally runs for Ethiopia’s Military side.

World Ranking: Her current and highest world rank is 1st, she captures 1st position in four months ago in a 3000m run. Her women’s overall rank is 12

Record: Getachew Werkuha is a fabulous middle-distance runner. she is a specialist in the 3000m steeplechase but she holds records in the 3000m steeplechase and 800m running.

  • In 2021 -create a national record in 800m, clock – 1:56.67
  • 2nd National record creation in world champion 2022 in 3000m steeplechase clock-  – 8:54.61 (Eugene, OR 2022)

Achievements And Medals

  • 1 x world champion silver medal winner-2022
  • 1 x African Champion- 2022
  • 2 x National Champion – 2021,2022
  • 2 x Diamond League meeting winner- 2022
  • 1 x Women Intranational Race champion- 2022

Getachew Werkuha’s wiki

Name:Getachew Werkuha
date Of Birth:07 DEC 1995
Age:27 Years;
Home Town:Gelemso, Hararghe
Disclaimer:800m, 1500m, 3000m, 3000m steeplechase
Personal Best:800m——————-1:56.67 *NR
3000m (indoor)——–8:41.95
3000m steeplechase—8:54.61 *NR
Getachew Werkuha’s wiki

Getachew Werkuha’s Career:

2020: Her Career’s first competition was a club competition at Ethiopian Clubs Competition, Addis Abeba on 24 December 2020. she won first place in the 800m and after a day on 26 December, she again won first place in another event, the 1500m race.

2021: In this year she joins three 3000m steeplechases and three 800m runs.
She won the national champion award in 2021in the 800m run.
Ethiopian Olympic trial event, Werkwuha Getachew caused a sensation in the women’s 800m as she lowered her 2:00.20 PB

2022: 2022 is her career’s golden year, In this year she won 1. diamond league championship twice, 2, the world championship silver medal, 3. African championship gold medal winner, 4) national championship 1st place. All medals came from the 3000m steeplechase.

All events and results:

3000 Metres Steeplechase (outdoor):

31 MAR 2022Ethiopian Championships, Hawassa, ETHBF1.9:41.8h1139
28 MAY 2022Prefontaine Classic, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR – Diamond Discipline, USAGWF5.9:07.811224
12 JUN 2022African Athletics Championships, Cote d’Or National Sports Complex, St Pierre, MRIGLF1.9:36.811152
16 JUL 2022World Athletics Championships, Oregon 2022, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR, USAOWH12.9:11.251216
20 JUL 2022World Athletics Championships, Oregon 2022, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR, USAOWF2.8:54.611258
10 AUG 2022Herculis EBS, Stade Louis II, Monaco – Diamond Discipline,MONGWF1.9:06.191228
02 SEP 2022Memorial van Damme, Boudewijnstadion, Bruxelles – Diamond Discipline,BELGWF2.9:03.441235
08 SEP 2022Weltklasse, Letzigrund, Zürich – Diamond Discipline,SUIDFF1.9:03.571235

1500 Metres (outdoor):

11 APR 2021Ethiopian Championships, Addis Abeba, ETHBF5.4:10.0h1126
26 DEC 2020Ethiopian Clubs Competition, Addis Abeba, ETHFF14:20.0h1050

800 Metres (outdoor) :

08 APR 2021Ethiopian Championships, Addis Abeba, ETHBF1.2:00.2h1159
08 JUN 2021Ethiopian Trials, Blankers-Koen Stadion, Hengelo,NEDFF1.1:56.671223
11 DEC 2021Pepsi Meet, Ethiopian Sport Academy, Addis Abeba, ETHFF1.2:01.3h1139
24 DEC 2020Ethiopian Clubs Competition, Addis Abeba, ETHFF12:02.4h1120

3000m (Indoor):

14 FEB 2022Meeting de l’Eure, Stade couvert Jesse Owens, Val-de-Reuil,FRABF3.8:41.951190
17 FEB 2022Meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais, Arena Stade Couvert, Liévin – Indoor Meeting,FRAAF5.8:44.431182
22 DEC 2021EAF Competition, Ethiopian Sport Academy, Addis Abeba, ETHFF19:53:3h1111

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