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Alekleksandra NACHEVA (Александра Иванова•Начева) is an bulgrian women athelatics. She specializes in triple jump and long jump. Her highest world rank is 36 in women’s triple jump and 305 in women’s long jump. She won a couple of gold medals in 2018.

Aleksandra Ivanova Nacheva formaly known Alekleksndra Nacheva. She was born on 20th Aug 2001 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is now 21 years old Bulgarian women’s jumper. She wins several national and international competitions, some of which are:

  • World U18 Championships silver medalist in triple jump.
  • World U20 Championships Gold medalist in triple jump.
  • European U20 Championships silver medalist in triple jump.
  • European U18 Championships silver medalist in triple jump.
  •  National Indoor Championships Gold medal winner 2023.
Alekleksandra NACHEVA
Alekleksndra Nacheva with her coach Stoiko Tzonov [Source: instagram]
Name:Alekleksndra Nacheva
Date f Birth:20 AUG 2001;
Birthplace: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Age:21 Years;
Sports:Triple Jump, Long Jump;
Coach:Stoiko Tzonov;
Personal Best:Triple Jump- 14.18
Long Jump- 6.32


Aleksandra NACHEVA’s athletic career started early. she wins couple of national and international medals. we discuss some big computations in which she took part.

In 2017 she won a silver medal in World U18 Championship, Nairobi Kenia. Where she 13.54m and won a silver medal. In the same year, she completes 4th place in European U18 Championship.

It was 2018, She won two gold medals, the first one coming from World U20 Championships and another one coming from the Youth Olympic Games. Also, she won a silver medal in the European U18 championship in 2018.

In 2019 She won a silver medal in European U20 Championships in Boras, Sweeden. In this computation, she jump 13.81 m find won a silver medal.

NACHEVA is a national champion. She won a gold medal in National Indoor Championships, in 2023.

Personal Best:

Nacheva is compacted in the long jump and triple jump. She holds a national record in the long jump as well as the triple jump. Her 6.32m in the long jump and 14.18 in the triple jump.

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Alekleksandra NACHEVA Family:

Alekleksandra NACHEVA‘s family is very beautiful and lovely. Her family lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her childhood spends there. In her family, there have four members father, mother, and a little brother. Her brother completed high school in 2020 in his native city Plovdiv.

She loves her family very much. She likes to travel with family sharing so many family pictures in her social media post.

Aleksandra-Nacheva-Family-Picture - father-mother-and- brother

Alekleksandra NACHEVA with Father, Mother, and Brother.

Love and Relationship:

Alekleksandra NACHEVA is a talented and beautiful women’s athlete. She is the only daughter of her parents. She looks beautiful from an early and now she is one of the most beautiful women’s triple jumpers in Bulgaria as well as the world.

According to our report, She is now single. She does not in any relationship. Also, She does not disclose any word bout her relationship. She likes to travel and spend time with friends and family.

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