Who is DeAndre Hopkins’s girlfriend Brenna Young? Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki

DeAndre Hopkin is 30 years old, a wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals in NFL. He is one of the highest-paid NFL football players.

DeAndre Hopkin was born on June 6, 1992, in Clemson South Carolina U.S. His father’s name is Harris Steve Hopkins and his mother is Sabrina Greenlee. At the age of five-month, Hopkins’s father passed away in a car accident.

Hopkins attended Dw Daniel High School in Central, South Carolina, US. After that, he attended Clemson University (2010-2012).

He Played college football for the Clemson Tiger Team from 2010-2012. He was selected first-round 27th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft by Houston Texans. He played seven years for the Houston Texans in the NFL from 2013 to 2019. Now he plays for the Arizona Cardinals, since 2020.

Full Name:DeAndre Rashaun Hopkin
Nick Name:NUK
DOB:June 16, 1992
Birthplace:Clemson, South Carolina, us
Age: 30 years old,
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight:96 kg (212 lb)
School: Dw Daniel High School in
Central, South Carolina, US
College:Clemson university
NFL debut:2013

DeAndre Hopkins Parents

Father:Harris Steve Hopkins
Mother:Sabrina Greenlee

Who is DeAndre Hopkins’s girlfriend Brenna Young?

DeAndre Hopkins’s girlfriend Brenna Young’ is an Instagram model and licensed pilot. she is a professional pilot, and flies a private jet. she is one of the only women in the NFL star’s girlfriend who is a pilot. Brenna is not dependent on her boyfriend’s money, she works hard.

she is very good-looking, young one of those women who don’t have to spend money to enhance their beauty. she has a natural beauty that many people have not. Brenna is not interested in her beauty, she likes to stay in a simple style that does not detract from her beauty. Her long black hair makes her look more attractive. Brenna has fair skin and a slim body that makes her look very sexy. she has perfect height and a healthy body which her look athletic.

Brenna regularly exercises and maintains the best diet to keep her body healthy. she says mental ability is more important than physical ability.

Brenna has never spoken to the media to ensure their relationship and her family’s privacy and safety. so it was not possible to know anything about Brenna’s family. she kept her family secret but Brenna could not keep her love affair secret.

This pair’s relationship came to light when they shared a story on Instagram. While the couple was enjoying the beach this story viral on Instagram, and their relationship become public.

After this incident, she deleted her Instagram account for her privacy because wanted to know about her personal life.

Name:Brenna Young
Famous for:DeAndre Hopkins’s girlfriend
Occupation:Instagram model and licensed pilot
Boyfriend:DeAndre Hopkins
Age:Approx 27 years old
Height:Approx 5ft 4 in (5’4″)
Weight:Around 50 kg
Ethnicity:Asian American
Hair color:Black
Eye Color:Brown

DeAndre Hopkins’s Net Worth

Hopkins’s net worth and salary are highly dependent on the NFL. DeAndre Hopkins is earned an expansive price in NFL. He is the most fabulous player in NFL. He has been playing in NFL for the long ten years ( 2013 -present). Hopkins was selected first-round 27th overall pick by Houston Texans in the 2013 NFL draft. He signed his first contract on July 24, 2013, with Houston, Texans. DeAndre Hopkins’s Net Worth is $110 million.

Hopkins’s NFL Contract:

First contract

Base salary – $7.62 million ( first three years fully guaranteed)

Signing bonus – $3.98 million price

Guaranteed price – $6.18 million

Hopkins signed his second contract on august 31,2017, for five years.

Second contract

Team – Houston Texans.

Base salary – $81 million

Guaranteed price – $49 million

Signing bonus – $7.5 million

This contract had three years to run and he signed another contract.

Hopkins signed his third contract on September 9, 2020, for two years, three years optional contracts Arizona Cardinals.

Third contract

Team – Arizona Cardinals

Base salary – $54.5 million

Signing bonus – $27.5 million

Guaranteed price – $42.75 million

Annual salary – $27.5 million

optional contract (2022 – 2024)

Base salary – $57.95 million

signing bonus – $22.5 million

TeamSigning DateyearBase SalarySigning BonusGrunted price
Houston TexansJuly 24, 20134 year$7.62 million $3.98 million $6.18 million
Houston TexansAugust 31, 20175 year$81 million$7.5 million$49 million
Arizona CardinalsSeptember 9, 20203 year$54.5 million $27.5 million $42.75 million

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